our team

So who are the people behind the computer screens at Intelaface that are changing the way businesses use the internet?

Well at Intelaface, we work with some of the most discerning companies around the globe and simply stated, they expect the best. So we must hire the best.

Our firm is filled with some of the brightest stars when it comes to design and development. Their talents are recognized by top universities, magazines, and respected design circles. We don't just look for web developers we look for people that are passionate Web Artisans. We don't just hire software engineers we want Software Gurus. And when it comes to applications we want more than iPhone SDK coders, we need Application Ninjas. The team of people working on your projects are not your ordinary run of the mill developers. You will gain a group of expertly skilled information architects using the most cutting edge technologies and techniques with one goal in mind - produce jaw-dropping results.

nilo domingo


At the helm of one of the most unique and fastest growing IT firms in the country, he has assembled a global team of experts from a wide array of fields and specialities many of whom he personally worked with in past Fortune 100 firms. The company had humble beginnings in a cold-dusty basement, so technically he has built it from below the ground up. These experiences have allowed him to connect with many entrepreneurs looking to integrate web solutions in a cost efficient manner.


Project Manager/Web Developer

Grace is a Wordpress expert. It's one thing to make a website but its a whole new ball game when you need deep social network linking, SEO integration, and content management capabilities, all of which comes second nature to this University of the Philippines stand out. She is highly skilled at making the web easy and fun to use with solutions that turn your website not only into a company profile but an effective marketing tool that can reach your customers globally.


Sr. Design Director

An avid photographer and tinkerer Raymond has over 20 years cumulative IT and UI design experience and is perhaps considered one of the up and coming programers in Cebu. His web applications are comprehensive with high attentions to detail. Many creations utilize complex databases and process large data sets from user entries. One of his latest projects was heading a national job board/network site/ dating site all hosted in one location. His popular sites always seem to strike a chord with Filipinos at home and abroad and his expert guidance has been integral to the expansion of next generation web applications and mobile phone application offerings for Intelaface.


Sr. Web Developer

One of the first members of the Intelaface team while it was still just in its infancy, Rey has helped grow the company from one that once only offered basic SAP solutions to now a company that offers many IT services including database design, web design, a large set of applications and modules, and a strong consultation staff to match.

meet the rest of our team

    web developer

    Harold is the fastest typist in our company. He has been known to outdo many online gaming communities by executing commands with unusual speed and accuracy. But what is even more astonishing is when it comes to analyzing and writing complex code he is even faster. His capacity to breakdown difficult coding structures and deploy applications is staggering the fact he does it without a single sip of coffee...amazing.


    Director Interactive Strategy

    A native of Davao Eloisa hopped islands to Cebu to be apart of the expansive tech growth in the queen city. She has extensive experience working with global BPO companies and is in charge of high profile accounts within the company. Eloisa has lead several marketing campaigns throughout asia including Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia & Indonesia. She is invaluable to our company in helping bring online technologies to our clients in a manner that is achievable, scalable, on time and on budget.

  • GYLE

    Director Graphical User Experience

    Vision is an important trait one must have to help a client build complex company system applications. And if your working with a visionary who has the rare ability to bring it to life like you pictured it you're likely working with Gyle Fernandez. He is what we call in the industry a Quant. These highly gifted quantitative programmers find
    ways to reduce complexity and make intricate projects user friendly.
    His GUI's are second to none and will have your customers
    repeatedly returning to your website because it is easy to navigate.


    Director Photography/Video

    If a picture tells 1000 words than Gerard's pictures can fill a dictionary. This talented young photographer has been the go to person for many famous restaurants, hotels, models, and commercial shoots throughout the Visayas. He has been working on his craft since picking up his first point and shoot. And now, with SLR technology, Gerrard has perfected a unique technique that involves piecing together multiple shots that create a hyper realistic image that produces a higher resolution than what your own naked eye can capture.


    systems architecture planning

    Putting your company process into a computer takes vision, execution, partnership, and communication skill. Carme has the uncanny ability to lead these tasks on one hand and write database code on the other. This U.P. Grad also has the unique skill to make geeky computer speak understandable to us normal humans and with her specialty in database configuration and business communication she is essential in painting a full picture of the company systems for our customers.

  • NENE


    Nene started as a clerk in the Cebumicro organization and has since then improved her skills each year to handle higher and higher levels of corporate finance and governance. Intelaface has made several key acquisitions under her leadership and she has been able to establish a foundation centered around investing into the curve that has prepared the company to be well positioned in competing in multiple areas of the IT sector and maximize their quarterly guidance reports well into the next generation.


    human resources director

    Graduate of the Mary Help of Christians University, Analee brings her many years of experience as a human resources professional to Intelaface. Largely responsible for the company's fast growth in talent acquisitions, she has been especially successful at obtaining the best and brightest minds from around the area. Not scared to pull talented individuals from unique fields and varying industry sectors, Ms. Cabanes' sourcing talent has brought in valuable ideas for the firm through cross-functional participation. She also works hard at making sure the office environment is conducive to attracting top talent and that we have the tools to successfully deliver proven solutions to our many customers.

  • AUVY


    Auvy is an asset to the Intelaface group with her obvious talent to turn custom designs written on napkins to beautiful CSS layouts and built in user-friendly functionalities. Her and Raymond compete closely for the most intelligent person in the office. First time we met Auvy she seemed very quiet and unassuming, until she took the rubix cube off our table and solved it instantaneously. Now it is part of the interview process. Question #12 - Solve this rubix puzzle in less than 2 minutes..



    KIm is a quick rising junior programer hailing from UP. Her skills include content management systems and database analysis and she has a knack for determining CSS pixel distance by just a glance, honestly it's actually quite amazing. She is usually one of the last people in the office to shut her laptop and is very dedicated to her projects. But not quite as dedicated as she is to her favorite b-ball player Kobe Bryant.