Partner with us

We are fine working behind the scenes for your advertising agency. Your client does not even have to know we are helping to work on your customers web marketing, mobile application tool, or website. Focus on your strength and let us take care of the web so you can offer your clients the perfect advertising package.

We understand traditional print agencies tend to be focused on their craft, which is very different than web (RGB vs CYMK anyone?) And that is where we come in, you can focus on your billboards and print media and exceed your customers expectations by offering website design and mobile apps. You get all the applause and Intelaface rides off into the sunset. Don't worry so long as we make your customer smile and your agency smile we are happy.

Hand in Hand

Traditional agencies can work in tandem together with Intelaface to provide a client with the most comprehensive marketing package. Print, Radio, TV marketings can all focus on their core strengths and lean on Intelaface for web integration and online marketing.

Deep Discounts For Collaborating Agencies

Let us work along side you to build the perfect package for your clients. We offer very competitive rates to high profile ad agencies so they can deliver the perfect blend of business tools, integrated social network tools, and the added advantage of providing continued brand consistency throughout all mediums.

Total Brand Management

Nowadays companies are very aware of the advantages of building a strong brand on making it consistent on mobile applications, social marketing tools, and company websites. Let us help you build the holistic packages your clients are looking for today.